eta Aquarid Meteor Shower - May 06, 2012

eta Aquarid 042725 MDT

eta Aquarid 042725 MDT
eta Aquarid 044109 MDT

eta Aquarid 044109 MDT

Image Details

  • LRGB = 34:24:24:24 minutes
  • Continuous video - 15 fps
  • Custom Built All Sky Camera
  • Photoshop CS5
  • 04:27 AM & 4:41 AM MDT, 05/06/2012
  • Mead, Colorado

Weather: overcast -> clearing

The eta Aquarid meteor shower for 2012 was almost a wash out at this location. Thunderstorms started just after dark on May 5 to the east and south. While the main storm activity remained a few miles away, persistent clouds and lightning prevented any meteor sightings. Clearing eventually moved into the area around 4:00 on the morning of May 06. In addition to the stormy weather, a full moon (perigee "super moon") occurred on the same night as the meteor shower making any meteor sightings difficult at best.

The images above are two bright eta Aquarid meteors captured by the all sky camera after the skies cleared. The "super moon" can be seen setting in the southwest. The lights on the horizon are from nearby houses and street lights.