Takahashi FSQ-106ED/SBIG ST-2000XM Image Train

Image of a FSQ-106ED/SBIG ST-200XM image train.

This is the image train that I am using to connect my hard-coupled ST-2000XM/CFW-8 imaging system to the FSQ-106ED. Many of you will note that this image train resembles the image train available with the FSQ-106EDX. While similar, there are some differences.

Starting at the focusing tube, the components of the image train are:

92-98 mm Adapter -> CAA -> Coupling -> Vari-ring -> CA-35 -> Wide T-mount -> 15 mm T-mount extension -> CFW-8/ST-2000XM

The 92-98 mm Adapter (hidden by my camera indexer) is from Astrodon and the 15 mm T-mount extension is from Meade (part of the f3.3 reducer). The rest of the parts are Takahashi. I would not recommend this image train as I feel there are too many threaded connections. However, this image train has given me good service and allows me to move to a DLSR setup with a minimum of part changes. (Remove the CFW-8/ST-2000XM, 15 mm T-mount extension and Wide T-mount and replace with DSLR Wide T-mount and DSLR.)  However, if you are like me and have a number of parts obtained through years in the hobby, I provide this page as an example of what can be done with those parts.

A few specifics of this image train include:

Length of image train from focus tube to CFW-8 front plate - approx. 129 mm.
Length of exposed focus tube with CCD camera at focus - approx. 9.5 mm.

When obtaining parts for your image train be sure to consult with your vendor. These parts are expensive and you will want to purchase the right parts rather than have a number of expensive parts that do not fit your application.