Mounting a Robo-Focus™ to a FSQ106ED

Side view of a RoboFocus attached to a FSQ106ED.

The pictures show how I mounted a Robo-Focus™ to a FSQ-106ED. The left side focus knob is removed and replaced with the Robo-Focus™ coupler. The Robo-Focus™ motor is mounted to the telescope with a custom made bracket. The motor is connected to the telescope focus shaft with the coupler.

The bracket is fashioned from 0.065" 6061 aluminum sheet stock. To construct the bracket, I first made a template from stiff cardboard (a tablet back). I mounted the Robo-Focus™ motor to the cardboard and then mounted the assembly to the coupler on the telescope focus shaft. I cut the cardboard to the correct size and shape, noting the mounting hole locations and where the bracket needed to bend to attach to the telescope finder mounting location.

Back view of a RoboFocus attached to a FSQ106ED.

The measurements were transferred from the cardboard template to the sheet stock. I cut the piece out with a milling machine and drilled the appropriate size holes with a drill press. Two bends with a metal brake and the bracket was complete. I mounted the Robo-Focus™ motor to the bracket and then the bracket assembly to the telescope. Along the way I made a few slight hand adjustments to the bends to ensure that the motor is mounted 90 degrees to the focus shaft to prevent any binding.

If you decide to make your own bracket, I would advise taking the time to get your template correct. Get an idea of how everything mounts, the location and angle you need to bend in the bracket, and where to drill the holes before starting on the final product. You may wish to build some adjustment into the bracket (small slots instead of drilled holes) in the event that a measurement is slightly off.