Mounting a Robo-Focus™ to a Sky90

Side view of a RoboFocus attached to a Sky90.

This was made from some sheet aluminum scrap from a local shop about the size of the "brackets" that come with the Robo-Focus™. I cut one end down so it would fit on the focuser housing without interfering with the CCA or the housing. I left the other end "original size" so the motor would mount firmly to the bracket. (You can see the pencil markings on the picture to give you an idea of the cuts I made.) Bend the bracket at approximately 45 degrees, drill the holes in the right places and you have yourself a bracket. The motor shaft is coupled with the Sky90 focuser shaft with the coupler supplied with the Robo-Focus™.

If you decide to go this route I would advise using one of the Robo-Focus™ supplied "brackets" to get an idea of how everything mounts up, how much of an angle you need to bend and where to drill the holes before starting on the final product.