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Imaging Conditions for Mead, CO
Last Update: (July 22, 2019 6:30:01 PM (Mountain))
Sun and Moon
  Sun/Twilight Astro Twilight start: 3:53 AM
Sunrise: 5:47 AM
Sunset: 8:24 PM
Astro Twilight end: 10:18 PM
The Sun is above the horizon.
  Moon Moonrise: 11:45 PM
Moonset: 11:08 AM
The Moon is below the horizon.
Ground Conditions
  Temperature 81°F Temperature too warm for -15C camera cooling.
  Wind Gust 6 mph rising Wind Gust within acceptable levels.
  Humidity 39% Humidity within acceptable levels.
Chart Key
Good Conditions Changing Conditions Poor Conditions
Astronomical Forecast