Mouseover shows meteor detail.

Aurigid Meteor Shower - September 2007

The image above shows a member of the Aurigid Meteor Shower as it flashes in the vicinity of the constellation Orion.  The meteor shown was one of a three meteor cluster that I observed at 5:20 AM MDT.  During the 45 minutes I observed the meteor shower, I saw 20 meteors.  Most of the meteors were faint and had short trails as seen above.  I did note one bright fireball that went overhead and left a trail of smoke.  Unfortunately, it did not enter the camera's field of view.

This image is one of 134 I took between 5:00 AM and 5:35 AM MDT.  Of the 134 images taken, 4 had meteors.  This image was the best of the group.

This image can be seen at the SpaceWeather Meteor Photo Gallery at