Lunar Eclipse - December 20, 2010

10:45 PM 11:05 PM 11:25 PM 11:33 PM
11:45 PM 12:05 AM 12:25 AM 12:41 AM
1:05 AM 1:25 AM 1:53 AM 2:05 AM
2:25 AM 2:45 AM 3:01 AM 3:25 AM

The above sequence shows the movement of the earth's shadow over the moon during this eclipse.  There was a heavy layer of clouds at the start of the eclipse that created the fog like effect seen in the early images. As the eclipse continued, the clouds dissipated, affording a clear view of the end phases of eclipse.
The event timings for this eclipse were: Partial Eclipse Begins - 11:33 PM, Total Eclipse Begins - 12:41 AM, Mid-Eclipse 1:17 AM, Total Eclipse Ends - 1:53 AM, and Partial Eclipse Ends - 3:01 AM. (All times are in MST.)
Lunar Eclipse - 12/21/2010, 1:25 am

This image, taken shortly after mid-eclipse, captures the moon at 1:25 AM.  In addition to the colorful moon, the long exposure captures a number of stars.