8:36 PM MST
Mead, Colorado

Exposure Data

Multiple exposure composite

Optics and Camera

Takahashi FSQ-106ED w/Extender-Q
Nikon D7000

Processing Tools

Photoshop CS6

Moon and Jupiter Conjunction - January 21, 2013.

Moon and Jupiter Conjunction - January 21, 2013

Weather: high clouds -> cloudy

On this date, the Moon glided to within one degree of Jupiter at this location.  The image above is a composite of multiple exposures captured through high clouds at 8:36 PM.

In addition to the earth's moon and Jupiter, sharp-eyed individuals may note three of the four bright moons of Jupiter.  Ganymede is to the left of the planet's disk while Io (closest) and Castillo (very dim) are to the right.  The fourth moon, Europa, is crossing in front of the planet's disk.  Jupiter's other moons are too dim to be seen in this image.

One star can be seen.  It located at the lower right of Jupiter and is the primary component of a double star that shines at magnitude 4.9.