02/24/2012, 02/26/2012, 03/11/2012, 03/12/2012, 03/15/2012, 03/16/2012 & 03/22/2012

Exposure Data

LRGB = 120:120:120:120 minutes

Optics and Camera

Takahashi FSQ-106ED
Tru-Balance LRGB Filters

Processing Tools

CCDStack V2
Photoshop CS6

Copyright 2013 Richard McCoy

NGC 2903 - Galaxy in Leo

NGC 2903 is a magnitude 9 galaxy located in the constellation of Leo.  It resides in a field of galaxies that are too faint for even this 8-hour exposure to reveal.  However, if you look carefully, you may be able to note a fuzzy patch directly below NGC 2903. It is 18th magnitude PGC 4572646.

Other designations for NGC 2903 include Herschel 56-1.