Quadrantid Meteor Shower - January 03, 2021

Quadrantid Meteor Shower - January 03, 2021

Image Details

  • Stack of 5 second exposures
  • Custom Built All Sky Camera
  • CCDStack2, Photoshop CC
  • 1:37 - 1:48 AM MST, 01/03/2021
  • Mead, Colorado

Weather: cloudy -> clear

The peak of the 2021 Quadrantid Meteor shower competed with a gibbous moon. While the shower was dimished, a total of 14 shower members was captured overnight by the Niteskys All Sky Camera.

The image shown is a stack of continous images from 1:37 AM to 1:48 AM on January 03. Three Quadrantids are captured. The Quadrantids can be identified by their trails which point back to the shower radiant in Bootes.

In addition to the meteors, star trails, an airplane, and the Moon are seen in this image. Only Polaris is a point of light in the upper center of the image. The gibbous Moon is quite bright and illuminates the snow on the rooftop adding to the overall brightness of the scene. The lights on the horizon are from nearby houses and street lights.